Sunday, February 24, 2013

Benefits of juicing

This article is meant for those individuals looking  to improve their
health, their appearance and loosing some pounds in the process. As per the title, its all about the benefits of juicing. I came across an article from Abc news online that stated the following:

1) According to research, one of the main benefits of juicing is that when
you squeeze out the juice of the fruit or vegetable, you receive a higher
concentration of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that you would not normally get after you purchased a (pasteurized) juice from your local supermarket.

2)   Also, you give your digestive system a rest so that your body has time to put its energy, besides digesting, into elimination, recovery and healing. During this process, your cells can repair themselves and detoxify.

3)    Some say they experience new energy, a clearer complexion, and
clarity of mind and body and that the juices are directly taken into the
bloodstream with the nutrients actually feeding your cells within 10 to 15 minutes. .
    So check with your Doctor if you are considering a Juicing regimen. I
can personally attest to the benefits  of juicing.  Since I started my
energy levels have increased and im also sleeping better. Im drinking one
glass of homemade juice per day also cutting down on fatty foods. One if my
favorite juice recipe for beginners is:
 3 carrots
    1 green apple
    1 cucumber (peeled)
Later on try....
The Green
      2 kale
      1 cucumber
      1  Cilantro
      1 tomatoe
      1 Swiss char
      1 celery stick

Try it. What could you possibly have to loose?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome to Nurse Maddy

This is my first official post on this blog..Yeeeyy
As an Emergency Room nurse, Im looking forward to sharing my ideas, thoughts, advise on healthy living, jokes, tips and whatever else pops into my head.
My first advise..NEVER undermine the importance of hand washing before eating and after using the bathroom..and please dont pick your nose while waiting in the car at the gas station but if you must...Wash your hands.